Meet the Team

Tracey Spruyt

Principal Osteopath
B.Clin. Sci, M. Ost. Med
Provider 4733952F

Hi, I’m Tracey the Principal Osteo at My Rehab Co. We’re passionate about excellence in rehabilitation and we really aim to bring the latest in medically proven exercise rehabilitation programs and research-based physical therapies to all our amazing patients. With a special interest in sporting injury rehabilitation, getting our patients back in action sooner is our priority.

James Paranthoiene

Associate Osteopath
B.Clin Sci, M. Ost. Med
Provider 6293521B

Hi, I’m James, one of the Osteopaths here at My Rehab Co. I come from a structural background using a variety of Osteopathic techniques to treat physical dysfunction. I am also qualified in dry needling, cupping and am experienced using a number of evidence-based tools tailored specifically to the presentation at hand. I am passionate about providing symptomatic relief, and creating injury prevention plans with patients to ensure optimal physical health to support you along your rehab journey.

Brodie Latimer

Associate Osteopath
B. Ex. Sci
B.Clin Sci, M. Ost. Med
Provider 6281591Y

As an osteopath I understand the body as a whole unit and enjoy investigating the function of muscles, nerves and joints across multiple areas to diagnose and treat all conditions. I use modern rehabilitative equipment, as well as osteopathic techniques, supported by dry needling, cupping and sports taping to approach every injury or condition effectively. I am passionate about how the body moves and restoring function through movement, as a foundation for managing your acute and chronic pain.

The team at my rehab co are all about the quality of the service! Using multiple manual therapy techniques from massage to dry needling to laser therapy and adjustments! The team use all their skills under their belt to get the best outcome for you each session! I have been with my rehab co for multiple years now which they have helped me return to my normal activities pain free and functional! I highly recommend the team for anyone dealing with acute and chronic injuries / pain related issues. To me they are the doctors of manual therapy and you can trust them to help you in some way, shape or form you will get a positive outcome!

Emily Melnik